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Living Single is an American TV series, which aired on FOX television network from 1993-1998.


When you're living in the 90s, living in New York and living single, you need all the help you can get -- like the companionship and support of good friends. Created by Yvette Lee Bowser (producer of A Different World and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper ), Living Single is a sexy, funny and very inspirational look at six young, upwardly mobile friends sharing laughs, love and a Brooklyn townhouse.

Khadijah James (Queen Latifah) is the smart, sophisticated and enterprising founder of Flavor Magazine; Synclaire James (Kim Coles) is her spirited, though sometimes obtuse, cousin; and Regine Hunter (Kim Fields) is a chic, social climber who is always up on the latest fashion trends. The three share a New York apartment, but they rarely have a moment to themselves.

Khadijah's best friend is Maxine "Max" Shaw (Erika Alexander), a brash and quick-witted public defender, who is always dropping by to clean out her friends' refrigerator.

And when four fly ladies get together, it's not long before the guys upstairs drop by: Kyle Barker (T.C. Carson), a slick, career-minded Wall Street executive and self-proclaimed ladies man, has an ongoing love/hate relationship with the sassy Max; and Overton Jones (John Henton), the building's wise and witty handyman, is Synclaire's long time admirer turned boyfriend.

Together, these six share the fun, feuds and frustrations of young adulthood while having each others' backs.


Queen Latifah as Khadijah James
Kim Coles as Synclaire James
Erika Alexander as Maxine Shaw
T.C. Carson as Kyle Barker
John Hinton as Overton Jones
and Kim Fields as Regine Hunter

Recurring cast

Cress Williams as Terrence Williams
Shaun Baker as Russell Montego
"Sexy Margarey" as Loretta Thompson


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